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Matt Hawkins is head over heels for Patricia Vaughan. 

Jack shuttles  back and forth between Miami and D.C., keeping track of Omer Flores and his sidekick who are hiding Derek Gilbertson’s money. A team from his agency follows them day and night.

The Transition begins with both Thurston and St. Clair attending meetings with President Norwalk. The military situation in China remains stable throughout this period as a U.N. truce holds fast.

Back in Miami, Raven discovers her sister Antonia and Rafael St. Clair together and explodes.

Derek unwillingly gets stuck with new “partners,” one of whom is tough guy Vlad Kucherov, the Russian owner of the South Beach nightclub Kremlin, who helps him tail the two Cubans he thinks are planning to cheat him out of $20 million that went down when a narco-sub sank off Key West.

Jack meets several times with Lucy Azzinaro, who handled the shady wire transfers for Derek, but one of Jack’s men following Lucy discovers something that changes the ball game.

Lord Ellsworth and Ambassador Kornilevski join Slanetti’s team of liaisons hitting targets to convert them to St. Clair votes.

As all roads lead to a crucial Thanksgiving night party at Patricia’s house, Horizon, Jack gets called to Key West because it looks like the guys they’ve been following are ready to move.

In Key West, Jack heads out to sea to intercept Vlad and the Cubans. But he’s got to hurry. He’s got to be back in D.C. by that night for the Thanksgiving party at Horizon.

[Part 4 of the Prequel to The Running Mate. Action takes place four years earlier.]


In Washington, as Slanetti tells Norwalk that his Chief of Staff has told Thurston about the existence of the Keystone File, Derek and Vlad are in the Keys discovering that someone has beat them to the millions they left just the day before in the narco-sub.

Pozo’s operatives in Miami, Aricela and Severo Oyebanjo, pursue Medicare and IRS tax fraud through their companies, MediClinica and Cambio Xtra. They systematically rip off the U.S. Treasury for tens of millions of dollars.

Jack is learning through Gargrave’s contacts that have been tracing some of the money Derek has wired out of the country that the bulk of the money is being funneled into the Cuban national banking system.

Norwalk insists both candidates engage in Transition duties so the new President, whoever it is, hits the ground running after the Inauguration.

Pozo returns to the U.S. from Cuba on one of the fishing boats he uses to enter the country. He visits businesses he uses as fronts and makes plans to steal money intended for the Cuban government so he can make the break from the Communist island himself when the time is ripe.

At a Camp David meeting, Norwalk explains to the Keystone liaisons the importance of Matt Hawkins to the effort. The tally deciding the presidency might come down to his single vote. Ambassadors Ellsworth and Kornilevski agree to work to remove Hawkins from the picture.

Vlad and Derek meet with the Oyebanjos and Pozo to discuss transferring $27 million of their Medicare/IRS cash to the Bahamas for a fee.

Lamar Perryman has a plan to get rid of Hawkins and shares it with the President.

Norwalk calls Hawkins to the Oval Office and makes him an offer that is hard to refuse.

Ellsworth and Kornilevski decide to hire an assassin to kill Hawkins.

[Part 5 of the Prequel to The Running Mate. Action takes place four years earlier.]