SANTOPIA ~ A Son For Santa

Writing as Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, Andrew has created the expanded universe of "Santopia," and follows a Santa from the day of his birth in the year 1900 until he dies 82 years later.

There are 6 books in the series so far. 

While Taraxa makes a brave escape across Frozen Lake at night in a blizzard to get Noelle out of Drear, the Baroness meets with the Black Haruspex, a Seer of Some Things Unseen, to discuss the subject of Prince Deck being born before Princess Dazzle.

Taraxa makes it to the White Sage’s Palace and when the Sage hears his story, he takes Taraxa and the baby to Santopolis to meet with Santa Pops, who decides to keep the baby with him.

Back at Castle Drear, the Baroness sends the Gelf Spicata to bring the baby born in the Koliback Wood and her parents back to her immediately.

Santa Pops decides what to do with Noelle to protect her, and tells his best friend, Henry, who’s leaving for London on the Grand Sleigh with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Santa has a new son, and it’s immediately prophesied that the next girl born after the day-old Prince Nicky will grow up to be his Queen. Soon after Nicky’s birth, the Baroness von Drear gives birth to a baby girl, but when she discovers that a girl was born to a peasant family just hours before her own, she sets out to kill the baby girl and her family.

SANTOPIA ~ Journey to Santopolis

SANTOPIA ~ Duncan in the Other World

Andrew Delaplaine

This volume in ‘The Annals of Santopia” tells of the perilous journey endured by Taraxa and Inula after the Pirandelves swept them into the freezing waters below Frozen Lake.

Taraxa convinces the Gelf commander, Spicata, to rescue them by helping them to escape to Santopolis.

Turis, one of the Cretins under water in service to the Pirandelves, is a cousin of Spicata’s, and is convinced to take them as far the Volcanic Palace, knowing the White Sage will get them the rest of the way.

Turis can help them no more than that, however, because he fears the wrath of Gelagoo, master of the Pirandelves.

SANTOPIA ~ Attack of the Pirandelves

SANTOPIA ~ The New Ravenmaster

SANTOPIA ~ Saving Noelle

“The Annals of Santopia” continue as we follow Elf Duncan after he is discovered hiding in Henry’s tool chest after the Grand Sleigh has left them off in London.

Blue Elves like Duncan are expressly forbidden to be in the Other World because they are so mischievous and cannot help themselves from getting into trouble.  

Henry has no choice but to send Duncan to stay with the Red Elves that make their home in a warren of caves beneath the Tower of London.

But since Duncan changed into a different uniform while aboard the Grand Sleigh, the Red Elves assume he is a Gold Elf, not a Blue Elf.

Back in Santopia, Turis has left Spicata, Taraxa and Inula off on an island in Mushy Marsh, across which they must make their way to reach the Volcanic Palace.

The White Sage takes them in and accompanies them to Santopolis so Santa Pops can decide what to do with them.

The next morning, the Baroness watches as Santa returns from his Christmas Eve journey through the Tunnel of Leaves.

As soon as the Grand Sleigh soars across Frozen Lake, the Baroness gets into her sleigh and goes to see Gelagoo, master of the Pirandelves, who assures her that his Cretins recovered no human remains from the attack the night before. She assumes that Taraxa, Inula and the newly born Noelle are safely dead, clearing the path for her daughter the Princess Dazzle to marry Price Nicky in 18 years.

In the third installment of “The Annals of Santopia,” Sir Nicholas relates what happened when Taraxa and Inula attempted to sneak out across Frozen Lake while the Baroness von Drear and her dreaded Flying Trelves were occupied saluting Santa as he traveled in the Grand Sleigh through the Forest of Shadows to the Other World on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, Spicata, correctly assuming Taraxa and Inula would try to make a run for it, took his squadron of Skelves out onto Frozen Lake to try to block their way.

Just as Santa disappears into the Tunnel of Leaves on the Grand Sleigh, a Courier arrives to tell the Baroness that Spicata is out on Frozen Lake. Using a spyglass, the Baroness sees Taraxa trying to escape and sends a bolt of fire from her Magic Staff that drills holes in the ice, freeing the deadly Pirandelves to rise from the cold depths to attack not only Taraxa and Inula, but Spicata and his squadron as well.

With only one Flying Trelf with him, Spicata tries to hold on while the Trelf flies away, but the weight is too much, and the Trelf drops Spicata right next to Taraxa.

With the swish of the strong tail of a Pirandelf, Taraxa, Inula and Spicata are swept into a hole in the ice down to certain death in the freezing water below.