On Election night, as China and Russia mass soldiers on their common border in preparation for war, there’s a tie in the Electoral College that forces the decision for President into the House of Representatives as mandated by the Constitution.

The incumbent Republican President, working through his Aide for Congressional Liaison, uses the Keystone File, which contains dirt on every member of Congress, to blackmail members into supporting the Republican candidate.

The action runs from Election Night in November to Inauguration Day on January 20.

Jack Houston St. Clair runs a small detective agency in Miami. His father is Florida Governor Sam Houston St. Clair, the Republican candidate. While he tries to help his dad win the election, Jack also gets hired to follow up on some suspicious wire transfers involving drug smugglers, leading him to a sunken narco-sub off Key West that has $65 million in cash in its hull.

In AFTER THE OATH - DAY ONE, Sam Houston St. Clair has just been inaugurated as the new President.

Eldest son Jack and his girlfriend Babe are sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom.

This book covers the action on the day of Sam’s Inauguration and brings us up to date as of January 20th, 20 days after we left our principal characters:



Matt Hawkins

Jonathan Vaughan and his boyfriend Rolando

Belinda Vaughan

Eve Harrington and her mother Maggie

Vlad Kucherov and Wilma Kassman

Ex-President Norwalk

Tony Verges

Fernando Pozo and his team of Cuban undercover operatives

As well as some other newly introduced characters.

As you will see, the story is just heating up!​


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A cruel twist of fate propels Senator Bill Dumaine into the spot once held by Governor Mowbray, leading the Iranian commando team to travel to Miami to frustrate Dumaine’s plans to thwart a hostile Iranian theocracy.

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The Keystone File – Part 1

The Keystone File – Part 2

The Keystone File – Part 3

The Keystone File – Part 4

The Keystone File – Part 5

The Keystone File – Part 6 

The Keystone File – Part 7 (final)

When Secret Service Agent Carlos Rodriguez tells Jack Houston St. Clair a secret he has learned about Senator Bill Dumaine, one of the Democrats running for the Democratic nomination to battle Sam in his re-election campaign, gears are set in motion that grind up many of the characters involved in the contest for the Presidency.

When Dumaine loses the Democratic nomination to Governor Douglas Mowbray, but Mowbray taps Dumaine to become his Vice Presidential Running Mate, Colonel Reza Shahzad of the Iranian Secret Police assembles his team to travel to the United States to eliminate Dumaine because of the radical policies he advocates towards Iran.

Only three months have passed since Sam Houston St. Clair was sworn in as the new President, but a lot has happened.

Returning from Vienna where he met with Russian and Chinese diplomats, Sam is making his way back to Flagler Hall in Miami, his first trip home since being inaugurated.

Son Jack is in the midst of turmoil of his own back in Miami, dealing with various dramas, not the least of which is his increasing alienation from Babylon Fuentes and his growing attraction to the seductive Lupe Rodriguez.

Fernando Pozo addresses new problems as he struggles to expand Cuba’s secret operations in the U.S., made even more difficult as U.S.-Cuban relations thaw.

As his father returns home, Jack knows Sam will find as much trouble at home as he did in Vienna.