After the spectacular Christmas Eve robbery of Trinity Church by some men in hooded monks’ robes and plastic masks of the face of Jesus Christ, Amos Freeman is surprised to get a call from a mayor’s aide telling him to be at Gracie Mansion at 2 p.m. 

Lindstadt has the top political and police honchos at Gracie Mansion to organize the investigation. But he surprises them (as well as Freeman) when he plucks Freeman out of NYPD obscurity, appointing him as his personal liaison officer to Operation Trinity. 

As she delves into the investigation, deeper and deeper, Amos’s life is pulled apart by different forces: his dead-end marriage, the tension on the job, and now by an assignment the mayor will not let him turn down – a job that tosses him into the unsavory stew of conflicting (and hidden) agendas among the power elite of New York City’s political leaders, police department bosses, Episcopal Church hierarchy and Wall Street financiers.