While Taraxa makes a brave escape across Frozen Lake at night in a blizzard to get Noelle out of Drear, the Baroness meets with the Black Haruspex, a Seer of Some Things Unseen, to discuss the subject of Prince Deck being born before Princess Dazzle. 

Taraxa makes it to the White Sage’s Palace and when the Sage hears his story, he takes Taraxa and the baby to Santopolis to meet with Santa Pops, who decides to keep the baby with him. 

Back at Castle Drear, the Baroness sends the Gelf Spicata to bring the baby born in the Koliback Wood and her parents back to her immediately. 

Santa Pops decides what to do with Noelle to protect her, and tells his best friend, Henry, who’s leaving for London on the Grand Sleigh with Santa on Christmas Eve