Sherlock Holmes IV is a direct descendant of the famed detective whose daring exploits were so vividly chronicled by Dr. John Watson and related to us by Arthur Conan Doyle. 

This new Sherlock Holmes owns a small hotel on Miami’s South Beach, and is just as renowned in the present day as his ancestor was in his. 

In “The Bornholm Diamond,” a mysterious Swedish nobleman visits Holmes on a matter of such seriousness that it would destroy one of the oldest royal families in Europe. 

“Imagine Sherlock Holmes—or rather, his great-great-great-grandson—living on South Beach and solving crimes and mysteries with the same aplomb as his famous forebear and you’ll get the picture of what’s going on here…” 
     - Bartholomew Fox, author of “Deadlock"

“Witty and clever, with a whole new cast of characters to support this new Holmes and this new Watson. They live in a small boutique hotel on Lincoln Road called Fleming House (named after Sherlock the IV's love for James Bond author Ian Fleming). Holmes paces about in the penthouse while Watson (yes, he's a direct descendant of Dr. Watson) manages Fleming House. The cast of supporting characters, from the unseen tempestuous Chef Hilario to the gay manager of the Crown Colony restaurant in the hotel, Bjorn Karlsen, who has to put up with the chef, are refreshing and contemporary.” 
     - Renee Rodgers, author of “A Tuned Body” 

“You’ll like not only this new Sherlock Holmes, but the hip new world he finds himself living in…South Beach. Lady Gaga even makes an appearance in ‘The Red-haired Man’!” 
     - Sophie Charpentier, author of “Country Club Tennis Rules”