The day after the Thanksgiving party at Horizon, Thurston deals with the devastating news about the Keystone File and the impact it might have on his candidacy while JK shifts money from the sub to a more secure location in the Keys. 

Gargrave’s inquires show that all the money Derek has been spiriting out of the country is headed by circuitous routes into the coffers of the Cuban national bank. 

Pozo operatives Aricela and Severo Oyebanjo work their Medicare clinics and check cashing operations to drain tens of millions from the U.S. Treasury into Cuba’s accounts in Havana. 

Derek sets up operations to include Vlad working with the Oyebanjos and Pozo. 
At Camp David, President Norwalk and Slanetti emphasize how important Matt Hawkins’s vote will be when the next President is named. Ellsworth and the Russian ambassador plot to kill Hawkins. 

Lamar Perryman comes up with a plan to offer Hawkins a deal that will further his career that only a fool would reject. 

Hawkins, when offered the deal, needs time to think about it. 

The ambassadors’ plot to kill him moves forward.

Note: This is a Part 3 of the prequel to THE RUNNING MATE, with many of the same characters, and occurs 4 years earlier.