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NATPE 2018
Shallow Beach Films Pitch Decks for Series Currently on Offer


On the eve of the American election, war is brewing between China and Russia as each side masses soldiers on their common border—all over a Chinese plan to divert a crucial water supply that currently supplies a key Russian agricultural center.

Each side is desperate to find out what happens in the American election because the Democratic candidate, Senator Frederick Thurston, supports the Chinese position while the Republican candidate, Florida Governor Sam Houston St. Clair, supports the Russians. In a jolting development late on Election night, a tie in the Electoral College (something that’s actually happened a couple of times in U.S. history) creates a deadlock. The Constitution mandates that the newly elected House of Representatives, convening in January, will determine the election.

Late that Election night, incumbent Republican President Jeffrey Norwalk spends time alone in the Oval Office. Also up late is Norwalk’s Aide for Congressional Liaison, Phil Slanetti, who has over the years built up a laundry list of dirt on members of Congress.

Norwalk meets with him and tells Slanetti to gear up to use the damaging information in the secret Keystone File to blackmail members of the House to vote for St. Clair. They only have 8 weeks till the new Congress is sworn in. 


A serial killer that only targets meter maids is loose on South Beach, and even though tall, dark and handsome Detective Jake Bricker knows who the next victim will be, he’s flummoxed by a devious killer who eludes his clutches. As the body count rises, the news becomes an international sensation. Copycat killings spread across the U.S., and then the world. Cynical Mayor Johnny Germane is pushing hard for the cops to catch the killer because he’s up for re-election. Even the President visits South Beach to make an appeal.

With its film noir shadings, the TV series is a satire on the hardboiled detective novel and all the movies made from them. Also, it’s a comment on cynical politicians. 


A fresh look at one of the most durable brands in world literature—Sherlock Holmes, the greatest “consulting detective” history has ever known. Specifically, his great-great grandson — Sherlock Holmes IV (the fourth). Based on the detective novels of Andrew Delaplaine & inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, this descendant of Sherlock Holmes is a millennial struggling to carve his own identity out of his ancestral past. With his associate Watson by his side, Sherlock Holmes IV will solve crimes every week on this serialized TV show.


THE TRAP DOOR is a contemporary historical fantasy relating the adventures of 16-year-old schoolboy, Charlie. He travels back to Shakespeare’s time and discovers not only a famous “lost” play by the world’s greatest writer, but thwarts an assassination attempt against Queen Elizabeth I. It’s “National Treasure” meets “The Da Vinci Code,” but for teens.

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